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the universal baking ic purhases bags of flour which vary somewhat in weight. the bakery wants to determine if the mean weights per bag purchased from two suppliers are different, a) perform a hypothesis test at a 10 percent level if the supllier 1 sample mean is 49.74 punds and the standard deviation is 0.49 pound wheras the supplier 2 sample mean is 50.08 pounds and the standard deviation is 0.50 pound b) whaat is implied by the test

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    Try a two-sample test.

    Ho: µ1 = µ2
    Ha: µ1 does not equal µ2
    This is a two-tailed test because the problem is just asking if there is a difference (no specific direction in the alternate hypothesis).

    Find the critical or cutoff value using the appropriate table at .10 level of significance for a two-tailed test.

    Substitute the values into the appropriate formula and calculate your test statistic. If your test statistic exceeds the critical value from the table, then the null will be rejected in favor of the alternative hypothesis and µ1 does not equal µ2. If your test statistic does not exceed the critical value from the table, then the null will not be rejected and you cannot conclude a difference.

    I hope these few hints will help get you started.

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