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In a particular redox reaction, BrO– is oxidized to BrO3– and Cu2 is reduced to Cu . Complete and balance the equation for this reaction in acidic solution.

Two half reactions:
1.) Cu^2+ --> Cu^+
2.) BrO^- --> BrO3^-

1.) Cu^2+ +e^- --> Cu^+
2.) BrO^- + 2H2O--> BrO3^- + 4H^+ 3e^-

Cross multiply (so e^- cancel):
1.) 3Cu^2+ + 3e^- --> 3Cu^+
2.) BrO^- + 2H2O--> BrO3^- + 4H^+ 3e^-

Combine & cancel:
BrO^- + 3Cu^2+ + 2H2O --> BrO3^- + 3Cu^+ + 4H^+

Not sure what I'm doing wrong but my answer is not right. Thank you for help!

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    On #2, atoms balance but charge does not balance. Also, change of electrons is not balanced. Br is +1 on the left and +5 on the right; therefore, change in electrons must be 4 and not 3

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    That was it! As always, thank you :)

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    This answer is still not correct for me!!

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    you wrong fam

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