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Tension is maintained in a string by attaching one end to a wall and by hanging a 2.34 kg object from the other end of the string after it passes over a pulley that is 2.00 m from the wall. The string has a mass per unit length of 3.45 mg/m. What is the fundamental frequency of this string?

Please help. do I use f=1/2L sqrt(tension/wavelenght)? Thank you.

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    The tension T = mg = 2.34•9.81 = 23 N.

    m(o) = 3.45•10^-6 kg/m
    v = sqrt(T/m(o)) =
    =sqrt(23/(3.45•10^-6)) = 2582 m/s.
    The fundamental frequency occurs when there is only one standing wave, or half a wavelength.
    So, λ is equal by twice the 2 m length.
    Thus, f = v/λ = v/2L = 2582/(2•2) = 645,5 Hz

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