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We reading animal farm in english class so we have been asked to write an article about the battle of the windmill that takes place in chapter 8 and we are instructed to be biased towards of the animals. Can you please give me any points that I should really have in the article or that I shouldn't leave out? And how the structure should be of my article?.

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    Keep it cronological (time order) if you can, describe the animals in a positive way don't mention the negitives, when mentioning the windmill (or what ever the thing is your agianst) always say negitives about it. As for the structure i would keep it cronological and in paragraphs...probably talk about the negitive/oppisite side to yours first, then talk about the animals; remember to keep it in pragraphs and add subheadings for the 2 topics...I had a simular task when i was in year 7 so i know how you feel :) Good luck xD

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