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help with the poem accident and emergency by Nessa O'Mahony
what is the poem about?
what does "assess whose recovery/ would seem the better" suggest about the staffs attitudes?

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    The poem is about the treatment of elderly people at accident and emergency departments of hospitals and how they seem to have to wait endlessly because the system prioritises other people over them. It was inspired by a series of visits to the A&E in our local hospital with my elderly father - the longest wait was 13 hours, and even then he wasn't seen - so that line about 'assess whose recovery / would seem the better' refers to the system of setting priorities for treatment, which always seemed to be younger people, while the old people were expected to wait indefinitely.

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    i don't know how to do a pee paragraph about it wll im stuck and i got an exam with it

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    It is about men.

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    ilike sex

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    Dennis moisture

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