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A harpsichord string of length 1.50 m and linear mass density 26.0 mg/m vibrates at a (fundamental) frequency of 460.0 Hz.

(a) What is the speed of the transverse string waves?

(b) What is the tension?

(c) What are the wavelength and frequency of the sound wave in air produced by vibration of the string? The speed of sound in air at room temperature is 340 m/s.
wavelength m
frequency Hz

Please help; I have no idea on how to do this one.

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    No idea? YOu misses lectures or something.

    a) waveequation> freq*3m= speedwave
    b) v= sqrt (2Tension/(mass/length)) you can solve for tension.

    in air,
    c) frequency*wavelenght= speed in air
    you were given frequency, calculate wavelength.

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    Thank you! I got the other parts, but I still cant get part b. Isn't it sqrt(26/1.5) and the answer multiplied by 2 to get tension, but its giving me wrong. I don't know why!

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