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A solution contains an unknown mass of dissolved barium ions. When sodium sulfate is added to the solution, a white precipitate forms. The precipitate is filtered and dried and found to have a mass of 258 mg. What mass of baium was in the original solution? (Assume that all of the barium was precipitated out of solution by the reaction)

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    258 mg BaSO4 = 0.258 g.
    mols BaSO4 = 0.258/molar mass BaSO4.
    mols Ba = same as mols BaSO4,
    g Ba = mols x atomic mass Ba

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    Na2SO4(aq) + Ba(aq)-> BaSO4(s) + 2Na(aq)

    .258gr BaSO4 x 1 mol BaSO4/ 233.4 gr BaSO4 x 1 mol Ba/1 mol BaSO4 x 137.33 grams Ba/1 mol Ba = .152 grams of Ba

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