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How is my introductory paragraph to persuasive writing?
Picture this, you are taking a test and the person next to you is chewing their gum loudly,so you can't concentrate. How disrespectful is that? The school board needs to make a rule no chewing gum in school.

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    There's no way to know if this is a good intro or not ... not unless we can read the whole paper first.

    Have you at least written the rough draft?

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    No, I have made an informal outline. I have 3 Key ideas for not chewing gum in school 1. distractive to other students 2. school would be cleaner 3 would teach students respect Each key idea has 3 supporting facts.

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    After you have written your rough draft -- paragraphs, not just an outline -- then decide if this is a good intro.

    Repost when you have it all together.

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    Was my grammar and punctuation okay in the paragraph?

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