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a projectile is fired at an angle of 60 degrees with the horizontal and with the initital velocity of 80 m/s. What is the time of flight? What is the max height attained and the time taken to attain it? What is the range? The velocity of projection 2 seconds after being fired?

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    t = 2•v(o) •sinα/g,
    h= v(o)^2•(sinα) ^2/2•g,
    L= v(o)^2•(sin2α)/g,
    v(y) = v(oy) - g•t = v(o) •sin α - g•t,
    v(x) = v(ox) = v(o) •cos α,
    v = sqrt[v(x)^2 + v(y)^2]

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    Elena: Your answers are very good. If you are interested in joining our volunteer teachers, please click on the contact us link at the bottom.


    Bob Pursley

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    To Bob Pursley
    Thank you for your kind words. I'm ready to join to your team with great pleasure

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