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i writing a process analysis essay on topic staying healthy in winter and i making it a directional type of process analysis essay because it be easy to direct people on how to do things.

the only points i get for staying healthy in winter be wearing warm clothing, covering from head to toe, washing hands because virus land on them first, and penetrate in skin. Not reducing intake of water during winter. Eating vegetables and fruit, really leafy and greeny vegetables, oranges be good fruit. Eating vegetables that hve natural medicine in them like onions they be good for you. Exercising to keep immune system strong be good.

what other points i add? i not get how to do intro also. it have to be fun type i not be explaining in boring way. i not really get how to write this.

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    Your ideas are excellent! I can't think of any more points to add.

    I'm sure you can think of some humour to put in after you've written your essay.

    You might start:

    Look like a nerd, but stay healthy!

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    thanks ms. sue but this be a directional process analysis essay so i be able to add that intro still?

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    Yes, I think so.


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    thank you very much ms. sue :)

    u please send me link to one really good directional essay that i read and get better idea to write mine?

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    thanks ms. sue:)

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    You're welcome, Mohammad. :-)

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