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entering the formula=SUM(C5:C18)is cell C19 will resolve in which of the following?
(a)cells C5 and C18 will be added together
(b)cells C5 and C18,and C19 will be added together
(c)the total of cells C5 to C19 will appear in cell C19
(d0the total of cells C5 to C18 will appear in cell C19
my answer is d

which of the following is an example of a formatted number using the currency option?
my answer is c

andrea needs to format the legend on her chart.she clicks on the chart to select it.which of the following option appears only when the chart is selected?
(a)page layout
(c)chart tools
my answer is c

in excel there are two types of formulas?what are they?
(a)trig and mathematical
(b)complex and simple
(c)general and currency
(d)logical and boolean
my answer is d

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    The first three are correct. I'm not sure about the fourth.

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