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A horizontal segment of pipe tapers from a cross sectional area of 50 cm2 to 0.5 cm2. The pressure at the larger end of the pipe is 1.26 105 Pa and the speed is 0.029 m/s. What is the pressure at the narrow end of the segment? Pa

Please help!

physics - drwls, Monday, April 9, 2012 at 8:09pm

Due to the flow contraction, the velocity at the exit (Vout) will be 100 times the velocity at the entrance (Vin). That results from the incompresible-flow continuity equation.

The pressure at the entrance, combined with the Bernoulli Equation, Vin and Vout, will tell you the pressure at the exit.

You should use a ^ before exponents, when typing equations and scientific-notation numbers. I am sure you mean 10^5 and not 105.

Can someone or drwls please give a more detailed explaination please. I don't understand it still i keep getting it wrong.

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