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1. As a sample of matter is cooled, which property of its particles increases? (1 point)average kinetic energy
cohesive forces

2. Kinetic energy is the _____ of motion. (1 point)temperature

3. Substances that have a low _____, such as most metals, heat up and cool down quickly because they require only small amounts of heat to cause their temperatures to rise. (1 point)temperature
melting point
specific heat
thermal energy

Heres my answers can u check them
1. d
2. d
3. b

r they right

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    all wrong. However, there is good news, on the first, your answer would be marked correct by most non science specialists. But the truth is, the cohesive forces do not change with temperature, but the reduction of the disruptive forces with temperature cause the cohesive forces to dominate at lower temperature, so it seems they are "increasing".

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    then what are the answers Plzzzzzzzz help meeeee

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    no d, b, c

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    D B C

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