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I need help on this 1 question i have my answer, i just need to know whats the right answer....
The least desirable method of restraint for a cat is
a.holding the cat while wearing heavy gloves.
b.holding the cat with your bare hands.
c.placing the cat in a cat bag.
d.using a tranquilizer to calm the cat.
I got A.

  • handling and restraint-animals -

    I disagree.

    Note that the question asks for the LEAST desirable method of restraining a cat.

  • handling and restraint-animals -

    I wouldn't want to restrain a wild cat with my bare hands, I would desire to wear gloves.
    Now if you enjoy being bitten and clawed, then by all means, go barehanded. I caught a lynx in my garden coon trap. I certainly would not hold it with my bare hands, I would prefer steel gloves.

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