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What NaCl concentration results when 209 mL of an 0.660 M NaCl solution is mixed with 492 mL of a 0.270 M NaCl solution?

__ mol/.209 L = 0.660 M
__ mol/.492 L = 0.270 M

.. I have no idea how to solve this. I have no idea why I even set up the equation above when it's asking me to solve for molarity and not mols.. Do i just add 0.660 + 0.270 together since it's mixed together? Can it be that simple? Please help!

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    No, you can't add molarities but you can add mols. mols = M x L =
    mols soln 1 = 0.209 x 0.660 = ?
    mols soln 2 = 0.492 x 0.270 = ?
    Total mols = mols soln 1 + mols soln 2.
    Total volume = L soln 1 + L soln 2.
    Then M NaCl = total mols/total L.

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    thanks Dr. Bob!

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