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i need help translating these sentences. only using the verb "estar"

1. My grandfather took my brother to the university.

2. My best friend is my work colleague.

3. It's my boyfriends necktie.

4. My female cat is in the garden.

5. My male cousin and I had a conversation.

6. The professor is on the television.

7. Your relative is in the house.

8. the girl is my roommate.

9. My mother is my cousins aunt.

10. Its my uncles blue pen.

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    Please post your answers.

    After you post them, I'll send them to SraJMcGin. She'll check them for you and explain whatever you've gotten wrong.

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    As Ms.Sue said try first.
    The first sentence can not be translated using "estar/ser" verb, all the next can be.

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