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I still have to add a few sentences on history. Thank you very much.

1) War with France broke out in 1337 when Edward III claimed the crown of France because his mother was the French king's sister. This was the beginning of the Hundred Years' War, which was to last until 1453.
2) One of the most famous victories was gained by Henry V. Under the reign of Henry VI the French managed to drive the English out of France and by 1453 the English kings ad lost all their continental possessions except Calais.
3) Even after the French wars, fighting continued in England between the rival families of Lancaster and York. These are known as the Wars of the Roses because the symbol of the House of York was the white rose while the emblem of the House of Lncaster was the red rose.
4) The wars ere finally won by Henry Tudor, of the Lncastrian party, who defeated Richard III, the Yorkist king, and became Henry VII of England.

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