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Would you please help me with these two questions on which i am not sure of my answers.? I marked my answers with a parenthesis. On the second question I can not make up my mind between c & d. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. waiting for your prompt response.

1. Which of the following documents would provide information on a patient's diagnosis?
A. cpir; B. Ledger Sheet ; (C)medical treatment record; D cpt-4

2. By signing an “Assignment of Benefits” statement, a patient is A. authorizing a doctor to provide information to an insurance carrier about his or her condition. B. verifying that all information on the CPIR is accurate. (C) giving permission to the insurance carrier to pay the physician or dentist directly. D. accepting responsibility for payment of all medical bill

12. The term used to describe why medical treatment is necessary is A. morphology. (C) adverse effect. B. procedure. (D) diagnosis.

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    I agree with your first answer.


    12. D.

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    ms.sue, thank for taking your time to help. now on question 2 i am between a&d after reading up on the link you provided. both make sence to me.

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    You're welcome.

    I think 2 is d.

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    Seeking answers to Penn Foster exams from other students is in violation of the honor code students agree to abide by on the enrollment agreement. Penn Foster has instructors available to help students via a toll-free number or e-mail. Students who are caught violating the school’s honor code will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the school. If you have any questions Penn Foster academic support is available to assist you Monday – Friday 8am to 7pm EST. Please visit your My Courses page on the student portal for additional information and study resources.

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    I feel the need to jump in here on the cheating issue. I happen to be a Penn Foster enrollee and I can't tell you how unhappy I am with this school! Students tend to cheat when they realize, often too late they chose the wrong school and the teaching and student help staff has a rather spare tire that happens to be flat attitude! Often students looking for answers are not cheating, they are looking to work the problems in reverse because of such poor instructional help! I find myself in this category since I paid good money for this and I can honestly say for the most part, it has been wasted!! My Advice to those looking to go back to school? Do NOT go Penn Foster!! Find a school that offers financial aid and has real classrooms where you can form study groups when necessary! Cheating happens most often when your school choice is also your biggest mistake!

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