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Differentiate between oxide, a peroxide, and a superoxide?

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    In terms of ionic compounds an oxide contain the oxide ion (O2-) Which is a single oxygen atom with a 2- charge.
    A peroxide contains the peroxide ion (O22-) which is a particle of two oxygen atoms bonded together and has a 2- charge. Unlike most normal oxides, peroxides tend to be oxidizers or at the very least, unstable.
    A superoxide contains the superoxide ion (O2-) which consists of two oxygen atoms bonded together and has a 1- charge. This ion is even more strongly oxidizing than the peroxide ion.

    In covalent compounds oxides are substances that contain oxygen in the 2- oxidation state and not bonded ot other oxygen atoms.
    Peroxide contain a peroxide group (O2) in which each oxygen atom is bonded to the other oxygen an to another atom, typically carbon or hydrogen. IN this case oxygen is in the 1- oxidation state.

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  • Chemistry PLZ HELP!!!!! -


  • Chemistry PLZ HELP!!!!! -

    Your welcome! :)

    I don't even have chemistry I'm only in the 7th grade ;)

  • Chemistry PLZ HELP!!!!! -

    I'm 16 and graduating in May. But im in advanced chemistry i don't know why but i am :) Thanks again.

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    your welcome
    Your 16 and your graduating!?!??!

    Wow you must be very smart

    are you supose to graudated when you 17-18???

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    Laruen gave you good answers.
    I use
    The oxidation state of oxygen in oxides is -2. In peroxides it is -1. In super oxides it is -1/2.

  • Chemistry PLZ HELP!!!!! -

    Lauren: yes im graduating 2 years early
    Bob: that's the one i used!

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