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A monoatomic gas expands isobarically.What will be the percentage of heat supplied that increases the thermal energy and that involved in doing work for expansion?

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    The first law of thermodynamics
    ΔQ =ΔU + W.
    The work done by system is
    W = p•ΔV =ν•R•ΔT.
    The change in internal energy is
    ΔU = ν•(i/2) •R•ΔT,
    where the degrees of freedom i = 3,
    ΔQ =ΔU + W = ν•(i/2) •R•ΔT + ν•R•ΔT = =2.5 •ν•R•ΔT,
    ΔU/ ΔQ = ν•(i/2) •R•ΔT /2.5 •ν•R•ΔT =3/5 = 0.6.
    W/ ΔQ = ν•R•ΔT/2.5 •ν•R•ΔT = 0.4

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