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A pot containing 1.09 liter of water, initially at 18°C, is placed on a 1101 W electric heating element.
(a) How much heat must be supplied to the water to bring it to a boil?

(b) How much heat is necessary to boil all the water away?

What is the minimum time required to boil all the water away?

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    L = 2260000 J/kg is the heat of vaporization,
    ρ =1000 kg/m^3 is the density of the water,
    c = 4185.5 J/(kg•K) is heat capacity of water.
    Q1 = c•m•ΔT= c•m•ΔT = c•ρ•V •ΔT = =4180•1000•1.09•10^-3•82 = 3.73•10^5 J
    Q2 = L•m = L• ρ•V =2260000 • 1000•1.09•10^-3 =2.46•10^6 J
    Q = Q1+Q2 = P•t,
    t = (Q1+Q2)/P =
    = 3.73•10^5+2.46•10^6)/ 1101= 2574 s = =42.89 min.

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