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The number of tickets sold each day for an upcoming performance of Handel's Messiah is given by N(x)=-0.6x^2+12+13, where x is the number of days since the concert was first announced. When will daily ticket sales peak and how many tickets will be sold that day?

  • algebra -

    N(x) = -0.6x^x+12x+13.

    The above is the Eq of a parabola that
    opens downwrd. Therefore, the max point
    on the curve is the vertex:

    Xv = -b/2a = -12 / -1.2 = 10 = The # of days.

    In the original Eq, substitute 10 for
    X to get # of tickets sold:

    N(x) = (-0.6)10^2 + 12*10 + 13 = 73. =
    The # of tickets sold.

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