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Physics (12th Grade)

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The isothermal bulk modulus of elasticity of a gas is 1.5 * 100000 N/m^2. What will be its adiabatic bulk modulus of elasticity?

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    isothermal bulk modulus of elasticity K(T) = P
    adiabatic bulk modulus of elasticity K(a) = γP,
    where P is the pressure, γ is ratio of specific heats – adiabatic exponent ( is the ratio of the heat capacity at constant pressure (C(p)/) to heat capacity at constant volume (C(v) )
    γ = C(p)/ C(v)
    The heat capacity ratio ( γ) for an ideal gas can be related to the degrees of freedom of a molecule, therefore, it is necessary to know how many atoms are in the gas molecule

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