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Choose and Place MLA, APA, or Both in the blank.

_____1. In a work with a single author, the author’s last name and initials are listed in the works cited entries.
_____2. In a work with a single author, the author’s full last name and first name are listed in the works cited entries.
____3. Titles of long works such as books or journals are italicized.
____4. If a work is from a hardcopy source, the word, “Print,” appears in your works cited list.
____5. If a work is accessed on the web, the word, “Web,” appears in the works cited list.
____6. The date of publication appears immediately after the author’s name.
____7. The words, “retrieved from,” appear before a URL.
____8. Generally, we do not include URLs unless the additional identifying information does not allow the reader to access the source otherwise.
___9. Editors are listed in the works cited entry.
___10. Dates are included in the parenthetical citation.

  1. Ms. Sue

    Where are your answers?

  2. john

    1. apa
    2. mla
    3. apa
    4. mla
    5. mla
    6. apa
    7. apa
    8. mla
    9. both
    10. apa
    are these right answers

  3. Writeacher

    Use these to double-check your work:



    Let us know if you have questions.

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