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Writeacher, I just wanted to know if the expressions "to make a less-savage out of him" and "turned him into a slave" are acceptable. I added a few more things. Thank you.

1) When Miranda and Prospero were friendly living with Caliban, they tried to teach him many things in order to make a less-savage man out of him (to educate him).
2) They turned him into a slave. (they enslaved him).
3) Caliban regrets his behavior and would use Sykorax’s power against Prospero and Miranda and plague them with toads, beetles, and bats.
4) Caliban wishes Prospero would have painful cramps and pains in his sides that would keep him from breathing.
5) He would use his mother’s power to hurt them. He says that the island was of his mother and now he is the rightful king.

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    The first expression is not correct, but you could say, " make him less savage" or " make him less of a savage."

    The second expression is fine.

    1. "were friendly living ... " is awkward.

    5. " ... was of his mother..." is not correct. Write this: "...the island was his mother's, and now ..."

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