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I left out the following sentences. Thank you very much.

1) The Tempest is the last one of Shakespeare’s plays and it’s very different from his previous ones.
In fact it is not a tragedy, like Macbeth or Hamlet, but a romance based on forgiveness and reconciliation.
2) These are the main themes of the play, as we can see in its conclusion when Prospero forgives his brother.
3) Furthermore, there are two more very significant themes in the play: the magic powers which both Prospero and Sykorax can use and which lead the whole story, and colonialism, represented by Prospero when he subdues all the original island’s inhabitants.
4) Caliban regrets his behavior and would use Sykorax’s power against Prospero and Miranda and plague them with toads, beetles, and bats.
5) Caliban wishes Prospero would have painful cramps and pains in his sides (not boneaches) that would keep him from breathing.

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    In these two posts, please choose a maximum of five that you need checked. There's so much repetition in all of them that it makes me rather dizzy!

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