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Why has there been a lot of internal migration within Italy?

extended decline in general business activity

Describe the economic activities that make Northern Italy a profitable region.

What other cultures have mixed with or influenced Spanish culture?

What is unique about the Alsace-Lorraine region?

Drawing Conclusions What factors have contributed to a sense of French unity?

What is happening to Venice?

What makes Paris important to France?

Siroccos are hot, dry winds from northern Africa that blow over parts of southeastern Spain.

Analyzing Causes and Effects How has the success of metal goods industries in Italy helped the country's economy?

What attracts tourists to France?

How has Portugal’s economy changed recently?

What are tourists attracted to in each of the three regions of Italy?

Predicting Consequences About 13 percent of Portugal’s people are illiterate. What problem does this pose for a country that is trying to raise its economic standards?

What environmental changes have occurred in Italy?

I will post answers in a moment.

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    I've already helped you answer some of these questions.

    If you'd kept the same name, it would have been easy for you to find them When you click on a name on a post, you'll find all of the old posts posted by that name.

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