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Please Chemistry Help

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for the transition of an electron in a hydrogen atom between the principal quantum number levels 4 and 3, calculate

a) the energy released

b) the wavelength of the line in the spectra.

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    E = 2.180E-19 x (1/9 - 1/16)
    Then E = hc/wavelength

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    can you explain it a little more cuz i really didn't understand anything!!!!
    thank you!

  • Please Chemistry Help -

    Energy in joules = 2.180E-19(1/n1^2 - 1/n2^2)
    n1 = 3 and 1/n^2 is 1/9
    n2 = 4 and 1/n^2 is 1/16
    The rest of it is algebra.

    After you have the energy, then set that in the following equation.
    E = hc/wavelength.
    h is Planck's constant in J.s
    c is speed of light in m/s
    wavelength is in meters. Plug and chug.

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