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A-the dictionary definition of a word
B-making assertions about a group that are too broad
C-parts of a presentation that augment the words
D-rhetorical devices that rely on faulty reasoning
E- the emotional associations a work invokes

hasty generalizations(B)
logical fallacies(C)

A-an appeal to logic
B-the emotions that a speaker demonstrates towards his or her subject
C-an appeal to the credibility of the speaker
D-an appeal to a sense of right or wrong
E-devices in a speech that seek to convince an audience

persusaive appeals(D)

I'd really appreciate is someone could please check my work.

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    All your answers on the first set are correct.

    Use http://www.answers.com to look up all terms in the second set, and try again.

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    Okay thanks for your help.
    On the second set are the ones wrong D and E and I need to switch them around

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    No, it's more than just D and E. Have you looked up ALL the terms?

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    ethos (B)
    pathos (E)
    logos (D)
    persuasive appeals (C)
    tone (A)

    Am i right now? I have looked them up and believed these are them.

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