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1.My big adventure with our town's volunteer fire department started on the first say of summer vacation.The weather during the spring season had been unusually dry.It was Saturday and another hot,arid morning.It was as dry as a bone outdoors.A wildfire broke out on the edge of town.Several homes and businesses were in danger if the fire grew and spread through the heavy bush nearby.

2.Within minutes after the fire alarm sounded,I saw the volunteers from the fire department rushing past the fire truck.I recongnized Sarita Mendoza behind the wheel.She owns the hardware store in town.I waved at her,but she didn't see me.She usually waves and smiles at me,but as I watched the truck go by,I saw that she had a serious expression on her face.She focused left and right as she steered the big truck along the street.I closed my eyes and pictured myself riding along,going to help put out the fire.

3.A few days later,there was an article in the local newspaper about the fire department.The article said that thanks to the quick response and the heroic efforts of the men and women volunteers,the fire was extinguished without harming any people or property.The article also went on to say that they were always looking for people to help.Later that day,I went by Sarita's store to talk to her about becoming a fire department volunteer.

4.Sarita said they had a special project coming up and that I'd be more than welcome as a volunteer.I immediantly envisioned myself sitting on a bright red fire truck.I even started to tell all my friends that I'd soon be helping to put out fires.I didn't tell my parents right awat.I thought I'd surprise them when the time came.

5.Early the next day,I went down to the library to use one of the computers.I found lots of Web sites about voluntter fire departments,fire safety,and the history of firefighting.I learned that Benjamin Frankling was responsible for establishing the first volunteer fire department in Pennsylvania.It was located in Philadelphia.I also learned what a bucket brigade was,too.During a fire,people would stand in line that went from a river or a well to where a fire was.The people would pass along buckets of water to put out the fire.

6.I could barely sleep Friday night,thinking about my special fire department project the next day.The next morning I sat alone at the kitchen table,eating my bowl of oatmeal.Everyone else in the house was still asleep.Sarita had told me to be at the community center early and I didn't want to be late.By that time,I'd told my parents that I was helping with a special project of the Volunteer Fire Department.THey said they knew already,and they thought it was a great idea.Actually,that surprised me.I thought they were going to tell me that it was too dangerous for me to fight fires.Off I went to report for duty.This was my first official act as a volunteer firefighter.Boy,was I surprised when I got to the community center.

7.Sarita welcomed me and introduced me to some of the other volunteers.The room smeled of coffee and there were jugs of pancake syrup on each table.I heard lots of noises coming from the kitchen,and watched as other volunteers served plates fresh pancakes to people sitting and chatting while they waited.I was given the job of cleaning off the tables after people had finished eating.

8.Some of my friends were there.I felt really embarrased after what I'd said about fighting fires and riding in the fire truck.Then during breakfast,I notcied that all the members of the fire department were chipping in to help,too.There were firefighters serving breakfast and washing dishes.I even notices the fire chief emptying the garbage.Everyone thanked me personally for helping.I got a bright red shirt and a baseball cap with letters V.F.D. across the front.

9."By the way,Eduardo," Sarita said after we'd all finished the cleaning,"Would you like a ride on the truck?"

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    In Paragraph 2,which words help the reader infer that driving a fire truck involves concentration? alarm sounded and rushing past
    B.I recognized Sarita Mendoza behind the wheel
    C.closed my eyes and pictured myself riding along
    D.serious expression on her face,and focused left and right

    In paragraph 5,the reader can infer that the narrator is
    A.excited about the fire department and likes to learn new things
    B.a good student who likes to do a lot of library research
    C.nervous about becoming a volunteer
    D.writing a report for school about firefighters?

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    What info in paragprah 6 helps the reader know that Eduardo is excited about volunteering?
    A.He does not want to be late for the special project
    B.He barely sleeps Friday night and wakes up early Saturday morning
    C.He tells his parents that he is helping the Volunteer Fire Department
    D.He is surprised when he arrives at the community center

    What is the special project at the community center?
    A.the newspaper is writing an article about the fire department
    B.the volunteers are attending a class about firefighting
    C.the fire department is giving rides in the truck
    D.the fire department is hosting a pancake breakfast

    Read this sentence:I got a bright shirt and a baseball cap with the letters V.F.D. across the front.
    From the info in the selection,the reader can infer the letter V.F.D. mean
    A.Viewing Fire Disposal
    B.Viewing Fire Dangers
    C.Volunteer Fire Demonstrator
    D.Volunteer Fire Department

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    Both answers are right.

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    The special project answer is wrong.

    The other answers are right.

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    For special project question is it B?

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    No. The special project is the pancake breakfast.

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    Can you explain?

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    Paragraph 7 explains it.

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    You're welcome.

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