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Here is the second part of the same summary. Thank you very much, Writeacher.

1) According to the puritan middle class ideal of the age, marriage was the highest achievement in life, the only way open to women to improve their social status.
2) Their marriage is the reward mentioned in the subtitle of the novel, “Virtue Rewarded”, because she obtains a social position which only women from upper classes normally aspire to.
3) The second part of the book shows Pamela and Mr B’s married life. Pamela is a model wife and Mr B too is in the end converted to a sober and well-regulated life.
4) The setting varies little and the scenes generally take place indoors. Pamela is generally confined to a house and she goes outdoors only when her conflict with Mr B comes to an end.
5) The novel symbolically celebrates not just the marriage of Pamela to Mr B, first her persecutor and then her loving husband, but also the union of England’s two most powerful classes: the nobility and the middle class.
6) In real history as in the novel, it was the new middle class that forced the nobility into acceptance of their ideals and way of life.

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    1. Puritan

    2. OK

    3. There are places where this seems very choppy -- that is, you have phrases in there that interrupt main parts of the sentence. How can you smooth it out?

    4. OK

    5. OK

    6. OK

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