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Dearest Miriam,
1.I am grieved to hear that you have left the lovely home where I have enjoyed such pleasant visits.My heart too is heavy,for I would wish none of this heartbreak on you.If only South could have found a way to compromise. This Union is a precious thing and must be preserved.There were so many hopes for a peaceful solution.Now I,like you,fear that that all of us will pay an awful price.

2.I understand the pain you feel at being separated from Philip.My brother Luke leaves this afteroon to meet his regiment.I can only pray that peace comes before he ever sees battle.May he and Philip never meet in conflict,and may they both return to us safely and soon.The blockage is painful,I know.But it is meant to hurry the time when the South will give up this rebellion and rejoin our nation.All will be well when the South sees reason.

3.My own state of Ohio is quite divided on the issues. Some feel the South is violating the Constitution by seceding.Others believe the North is depriving Southern States of their rights.I see some truth in each side.I agree that each state should have the powere to decide local matters.But I believe that some laws must apply to the whole country.Otherwise,our Union will fail.

4.I am sorry if it pains you that I cannot agree with you,but I love you just as dearly as ever.I wish only that this could all be over and our land at peace
Your Devoted cousin,Julie

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    In Paragraph 3 depriving means something
    G.taking something away
    H.teaching something
    J.paying for something

    Julie's letter shows that she believes war could have been avoided if
    A.Lincoln had not called for soldiers to enlist
    B.The North had compromised
    C.The South had compromised
    D.The North had not started a blockade

    Statements in Julie's letter show that she believes
    A.states should be able to secede
    B.states should be able to make all of their own laws
    C.all states should be allowed to ship and receive goods during the war
    D.all states should remain in the Union

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    All are right.

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