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A steel rod of length 4 m is welded to the end of an aluminum rod of length 3 m (lengths measured at 23 °C). The combination rod is then heated to 198 °C. What is the length of the combination rod at 198 °C? (The linear expansion coefficients for steel and aluminum are 1.3 10-5 °C−1 and 2.2 10-5 °C−1, respectively. Enter your answer to three significant figures.)

I know the equation to be used is, delta length=(linear coefficient of expansion)(length)(delta temperature)

i am confused as to what to use for length on the right side of the equation, and what to subtract from delta length

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    Hmmm. Do it in two parts, steel expansion, and aluminum expansion, then add the two expansions.

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    What do i use for delta length?

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    That is what you are solving for.

    deltaLengthAl= coeff*changetemp*lengthorigAl
    deltaLengFe= coeff*changetemp*lenghorigFe

    Total changelenght= sum of above

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    it didn't give me the correct answer

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