6th grade geography, Spain.

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1) Name some of the major physical features of Spain.

2) What is Spain's economy based on?

3) Why is there a cultural divergence in Spain?

4) What other cultures have mixed with or influenced Spanish culture?

5) About 13% of Portugal's people are illiterate, What problem does this pose for a country that is trying to raise it's economic standards?

6) How do the economies of Spain and Portugal compare? How have they changed in recent years?

7) How has Portugal's economy changed recently?

My answers:

1) Pyrenees Mountains, Meseta, Guadalquivir River, and Cantabrigian Mountains.
2) Barcelona is the center for manufacturing of textiles and plastics/ Spain is a producers of transportation equipment. Madrid is the financial center. Tourism also contributes to the economy.
3) Spain has it's own culture but in the Pyrenees mountains along the french border, another distinct culture exist: the basque people. the basque have their own language and culture and many wish to be separated from Spain. the separatist movement has, at times, become violent, and terrorist groups have tried to call attention to the movement
4) Spain at one time was under Moorish rule. it is also extremely close to north africa and long has enjoyed a trade relationship
5) literacy makes it difficult for workers to perform jobs involving reading and writing and to keep up with technical developments.
6) traditionally farming has been important to the economies of both Spain and Portugal. in recent years, however, both Spain and, to lesser degree, Portugal have moved to more industrial economies.
7) Portugal was once focused on agriculture but is now focusing on industry and manufacturing

  • 6th grade geography, Spain. -

    Are my answers correct? Thanks to any and all help.

  • 6th grade geography, Spain. -

    Your answers look good. :-)

  • 6th grade geography, Spain. -

    Thanks ☺☻♦☻☺

  • 6th grade geography, Spain. -

    You're welcome.

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