6th grade geography, France plz help ASAP

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which of the following is not true about the po river valley?
a. the region is the country's most productive agriculture area
b. the region is the site of Italy's major cultural center
c. about 2/3 of italy's factory products are made in this region.

I think it is c. Am i right?

  • 6th grade geography, France plz help ASAP -

    Check your book, but I think b. is the best answer.

  • 6th grade geography, France plz help ASAP -

    OKay. Thank You very much Ms. Sue.

  • 6th grade geography, Italy -

    You're very welcome, i♥zee.

  • 6th grade geography, France plz help ASAP -

    instead of it all you could just right zee.

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