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I forgot to include the following things. Thank you very much for helping me!

1) Overgrown ( a place overgrwon by jungle)
Synonym: covered (?)
2) a spectacular city. Synonym: a prominent/outstanding/striking (which is best?)
3) Tourists are amazed at the scale of the place. Synonyms:
4) tourists are astonied, astonished, astounded, stunned
surprised at the scale .... which one is best?
5)Visitors use it as a base for visits to the nearby temples. (I misspelt visits in my previous post).

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    1. I don't find any synonyms for "overgrown" -- "covered over" or "overtaken" might work, but I'd need to see the whole sentence.

    2. striking

    3. scale - size

    4. astounded or surprised or astonished

    5. OK

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