URGENT Spanish help please.

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ok in the example it shows: ¿Comprendes espanol? Si, lo comprende

ok for this question it's asking 1) do you and your siblings practice tennis my response: no, no los practicamos.. it said i was wrong how would I correct that 2) it asked does your mother teach biology? My response: no, mi madre no la enseña biología.. marked me wrong 3) Do you speak french and german My response: no, no lo habo francés y alemán.. marked me wrong and last 4) Do you do your homework? I said Si, lo hago mi tarea.. said I was wrong

can you please tell me what i'm doing wrong?

  1. Ms. Sue

    I'll send this to SraJMcGin.

  2. help

    thank you!

  3. SraJMcGin

    First of all the example is incorrect.
    ¿Comprendes? = Do YOU understand. Since many students have difficulty answering questions I suggest you do 4 steps. Step 1 = look at the question. Step 2 = Translate into English. Step 3 = Answer FIRST in English = I understand. Step 4 = Try it in Spanish = Sí, yo lo comprendo. Step 5 (if you have time) is look at step 4 and see if you can come up with the question, or Step 1. This way, answering questions will be easier and later when you are asked to look at a ANSWER and come up with the QUESTION, that also will be easier.

    Were you to write the question ONLY in English and then answer in Spanish? That is what you have done, so I will only check the Spanish Answer.

    1. is wrong because "it" or "tennis" is masculine singular = No lo practicamos.

    2. In your answer the object pronoun REPLACES "biology" so in effect, you have said "My mother doesn't teach it biology." You need only: "No, mi madre no la enseña."

    3. French and German are plural = "them" not "it" or (and check your verb)
    No los hablo. (do not repeat the nouns that you have replaced with "los" = understand? That part was like #2.

    #4. same error here as #2 and #3. Don't forget the necessary accent marks = Sí, la hago. "it" is feminine singular just like "la tarea."


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