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math problem

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Please help



  • math problem -

    Sure, we'll help. Where do you get stuck?

  • math problem -

    i have no clue how to solve

  • math problem -

    you probably have a square root sign in there somewhere, but

    do you mean
    √(9x+67) = x+5 or
    √(9x) + 67 = x+5 ?

    hint: square both sides of the equation.

  • math problem -

    If I asked you to solve

    √x = 5

    could you solve that?
    Sure. You'd just say

    x = 5^2 = 25

    same thing here

    √9x+67 = x+5
    9x+67 = (x+5)^2

    expand the right side, collect terms, and solve the quadratic.

    If that mystifies you, you're in big trouble. See someone in person for help.

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