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Estimate the cost of the concrete requred to make a concrete sidewalk shaped as follows.

(The sidewalk covers 1/4 of the outer perimeter of a circle - from 3:00 to 6:00. The radius from the center of the circle to the outside perimeter is 20 feet. The radius to the inner circle/left side of sidewalk is 15 feet. So the width of the sidewalk is approx. 5 feet wide, covering 1/4 of circle.)
The depth of the concrete is 4 inches. The concrete costs $105/cubic yard.

thank you.

  • math -

    area of walk is pi/2 (20^2 - 15^2) = pi/2 * 175 = 274.889 ft^2

    volume of concrete is 274.889 ft^2 * 1/3 ft * yd^3/27ft^3 = 3.39 yd^3

    cost is thus 105 $/yd^3 * 3.39yd^3 = $356.34

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