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A lawn sprinkler covers a rectangular pattern of 20ft x 30ft.

1)If the flow rate of the sprinkler is 2.5 gpm, derive a formula for calculating the time (hours) to apply D inches of water over one 20ft x 30ft area.

2)What are the units on the constant?

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    20ft*30ft*1in = 600ft^2-in

    1 gal = 231 in^3
    2.5gal = 577.5 in^3
    1 ft^2-in = 144 in^3, so
    2.5gal/min = 4.04 ft^2-in/min
    or, .24935 min/ft^2 in

    that's 149.61 min/600 ft^2-in
    or, 2.4935 hr/600 ft^2-in

    so, you will need roughly 2.5D hours to cover the area with D inches of water

    since your formula is time(hr) = k*D(in), k must be in hr/in

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