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For many years you have heard exciting and humorous tales about an elderly aunt/uncle in your family.Someone gives you a diary that once belonged to this relative, who is now dead.write TWO diary entries, each describing a memorable moment in this persons life.
Jed's Diary.
3(a) 21st Oct/1983.

Happy birthday to me! 57 years of my life have passed.. (which is not a good thing). Anyhow, I've been on my dream vacation for over two days now, sailing down the Amazon River. The weather fresh, but cloudy and the seagulls are chattering noisily above. River is calm, occasionally releasing high, curving waves. NO sign of a storm. Thank God.
Towering trees of all types loom above and the faint howling of monkeys are heard once in a while.
Had a most exciting experience today! I'm still feeling 'over the moon' and the memory of this time will definitely stay with me forever.
Goodness Gracious! My stomach flipped dreadfully as I plunged off the rocky cliff. It was actually 5m tall and as i flew, down... down... down... hanging from a tough, but thin red rope that clung tightly to my round waist, I felt all my body parts move from their fixed positions!
Yep! I went 'bungee jumping'! Crazy or what?! I can tell you, my hair looked as though I'd just been electrocuted, It looked hilarious, especially it's a bright auburn colour! and I was half dead when they brought me back to the firm ground.dizzy. But I may as well have another go tomorrow!
Anyway, I forgot it was dinner time an hour ago! Maybe I am getting a little old (no I'm not). It's too heart breaking to believe.

5th Jan/1985.

Oh, Thank the Lord! I've been on my sore feet literally all day and am now relaxing on the comfy, red couch with a glass of icy lemonade. Aaaah! How I get time to fill in my precious diary, I don't know!
Well, I decided that it was about time I knocked down the ancient garden fence and built a new one, (Not that it's damaged or scratched) Oh no!
Nobody ruins my property and gets away with it! It's just that I felt bored as usual, The doctors have also advised me to keep fit. Fit?! I'm as fit as a fiddle , thank you very much!
Anyhow, I did knock down the rusty, green fence and it crashed down in one piece, Not really. I had quite a hard time actually. The neighbors thought I was crazy! An old man like myself doing that sort of task!
"You should consider gardening." one of them called. Me! gardening! Pah! I'll have you know, I'm strong.
I didn't finish building the replacement. I'm tired, so I'll do it tomorrow. And then I'll paint it. Orange. Maybe.

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    What is your question?

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    The Question is at the top.
    For many years you have heard..........write TWO diary entries, each describing a memorable moment in this persons life.

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    I have read the question at the top and your two diary entries.

    Now what is YOUR question about all this?

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    Can you please check if it meets the criteria of a descriptive writing. Thank you

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    It all sounds fine, with one little exception. I don't remember 'over the moon' as a common phrase used in the 1980s which was really not that long ago!! Maybe in the 1930s or 1940s, but not the 1980s!

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    Thank you for your feed back. The feed backs are very important to me since I am home schooled and don't have teacher to check my work regularly.
    Please can you give me advice on inferences and reading between the lines and where on the internet I can practice and check my answers. Also if there are useful sites to help in different types of writing. Thank you.

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    This is one of the best websites for learning how to write in different ways (mostly academic writing):

    This is one of the best for learning how to research and then write research papers:

    These websites have many different advantages that will help with your writing:



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