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fact and opionion

a statement of fact can be proved true or false.

a statement of opinion gives someone's thoughts or feelings about something.

words that express feelings,such as best and amazing,ate clues that a sentence is probably and opinion.

directions- read the followin passage. then answer the questions below.

Aherpetologist is someone who studies amphibians and reptiles. Some herpetologists are especially interested in snakes.Snakes are scary.I don't like them very much,but my friend Isabel is just crazy about them! She is plannning to be a herpetologist when she grows up. She thinks it would be a perfect job for her. As a herpetologist,Isabel could study snakes all over the world, write books about them,or work in a zoo or a museum.Isabel's favorite snake is the coral snake. The coral snake is poisonous. Isabel thinks it has the most beautiful coloring of any American snake.

1- how might you prove whether the first sentence in the passage is true?

my son write- you might look in the computer of different scientist.

2-is the third sentence in the passage a statement of fact or a statement of opinion?how do you know?

my son write- a statement of opinion because some people might think snakes are not scary.

3- reread the second paragraph. find a statement of fact.

my son write- the coral snakes are poisonous.

4- write a statement of opinion that tells how you feel about snakes. then write a reason for your opinion.

my son write- that snakes are scary. they are scary because they will try to bite!

know you have to tell my son is right or not thank you very much

  • ms.sue 3 grade English -

    I believe he is right.

    In the first one, he could also look in an encyclopedia or dictionary.

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