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who is lady justice?

Please i don't want any words that are huge. I want it in a 7th grade level.

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    If you don't understand some of the words, look them up in a dictionary.

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    Lady Justice is the Roman Goddess of Justice and she is often blindfolded.She holds a pair of scales on 1 hand and a sword on the other. She symbolizes freedom and fairness for what I think.

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    Thank You Rezu.

    Ms. Sue I'm really not going to waste time looking up the words. I'm only doing this for extra credit for ss in order to get my grade highger. My average is a 84. My ss teacher didn't put in my report card yet. Tomrrow is the last day of the 3rd quarter. I want my average in the 90's.

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    Independent learning is NEVER a waste of time! I hope you learn that long before you start applying to college.

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    Listen! I was really tired that night! I'm only in the 7th grade. BTW - I'd done my research and I been learning that just that that time wasn't a good time for me to do.

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