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Can someone check my work PLEASE..

Which of the following is not a strategy for revising your paper?

Check for redundant language.
Remove overly complicated language.
Get rid of euphemisms and clichés.
None of the above (my choice)

Choose the correct word to complete the sentence: There’s no way you could _____ seen that car coming.

of (my choice)

Choose the correct word to complete the sentence: Due to mechanical failures, the bus took a long time to reach __________ destination.

its (my choice)

Choose the correct word to complete the sentence: After my belt broke, my pants felt really ______ around my waist.

loose (my choice)

True or False: The first change you need to make when revising a paper is to fix any comma and period errors.

false (my choice)

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    All of your answers are correct except

    There’s no way you could HAVE seen that car coming.

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    Thank you so muh for your help

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    Number 2 is wrong it is HAVE

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    Good job!

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    1. D
    2. B
    3. A
    4. B
    5. B

    Hopefullly I help somebody out in the future.

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    Tittie suckin' gook

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