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1. Abundance of starfish on a rock platform was studied by the quadrat method. The quadrat was a plastic frame with an area of 0.25 meter square. The rock platform was a rectangle approximately 20m x 30m. The numbers of starfish in 10 quadrat "drops" were: 8,0,14,11,3,1,0,0,7,2.
Estimate the starfish population on the rock platform.

2. A farmer wished to estimate the population abundance of a noxious weed species in a paddock measuring 300 x 400 meters. He used a rectangular wire quadrat frame 1.0 x 0.5 meter. The number of "target" weeds in 20 quadrat drops were: 2,8,0,15,11,0,2,1,0,9,16,3,7,13,0,1,7,0,8,2
What is the approximate population of weeds in the paddock?
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