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If a football field's length is 120 yds. and its width is 53 1/3 yards and a soccer field's lenght is 130 yds and its width is 100 yards how many times the area of the small field is the area of the larger field? I multiplied the length x width and got 6,400 for area of the football field and 13,000 for the area of the soccer field but am lost on how to go any further

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    13,000/6,400 is the ratio. 2.03125

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    Left goal line is 4600 Mya.
    Each successive 10-yard segment subtracts 460 My.
    10-yard line = 4600 - 460 My = 4140 Mya
    20-yard line = 4140 - 460 = 3680 Mya
    30-yard line = 3680 - 460 = 3220 Mya
    40-y line = 2760 Mya
    50-y line = 2300 Mya
    40-y line = 1840 Mya
    30-y line = 1380 Mya
    20-y line = 920 Mya
    10-y line = 460 Mya
    right goal line = now (0 Mya)

    Now each individual yard segment represents 46 My, so
    65 Mya = 46x
    x = 65/46 = 1.413 yard segments... so the beginning of the Cenozoic is at the 1.413 yard line at the right side of the field.

    Beginning of Cretaceous is 146 Mya, so
    yard line = 146/46 = 3.174 yard line on right side of field

    Beginning of Jurassic at 208:
    208/46 = 4.522 yard line

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    lol copy and past

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