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Thank you, Writeacher. A few more things. I hope you can have a look at them.

Can I start my interview by asking:
1) Tell me a little bit about yourself:
Are you married? Do you have any children? If yes, how many?

2) Mr. Gradgrind makes an overall impression of a threatening, unattractive person ready to destroy the children's imagination.

3) Our history teacher has finally set up a link to your school on our school's homepage. He is going to include (provide??) a new email adress which will be used only by the students participating in the I-I project.
For this reason, I wonder if you could let me have a complete list of your participating students (hopefully 27) with their email adresses. I will have my students send them their first email
on Friday.

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    1. I'd make these questions more broad and not specifically asking about marriage!

    2. comma after "person"

    3. "include" is right; check spelling; everything else is fine.

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