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In one glass - 100,0 mL 0,100M KOH solution, in other - 100,mL 0,100M HNO2 solution. What is pH of solution, which was get when both solutions were mixed up (consider that V of forthcoming solution is sum of original solutions - 200,0 ml)

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    The KOH and HNO2 exactly neutralize each other and the pH at the equivalence point is the pH of the hydrolyzed salt. It has a concn of 0.1M x (100 mL/200mL) = 0.05M

    ............NO2^- + HOH ==> HNO2 + OH^-

    Kb for NO2^- = (Kw/Ka for HNO2) = (HNO2)(OH^-)/(NO2^-)

    Substitute into the Kb expression above and solve for x = (OH^-), then convert to pH.

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    Why concentration of salt is 0,05?

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