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6th grade science

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A factory is found to be polluting a stream high up in the Rocky Mountains. The factory owner says that this is not aproblem because the stream is very small. Why do you disagree/agree with the owner.

I disagree. who gives a crap if the stream is small. That's like saying a house is small so you tear it down. It doesn't work like that. Also the stream would run underground (most likely) and that screws with the rest of the water. ANother thing that ticks me off about it is that animals drink from streams. Thay would drink polluted water and could die. People swim in streams. SOme wash clothes in streams. I think it is jacked up for them to screw up a perfectly good stream.

how does that sound?

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    It sounds good, but I suggest you take out the slang. It's not appropriate for a school paper.

    You could also add that small streams flow into other streams, rivers and lakes. They bring the pollutants to these larger bodies of water.

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    okay. thank you Ms. Sue

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