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Writecher, I need your help to revise this. Thank you.

1) I really hope that you read my presentation of your school and that you liked it.
As a matter of fact, I've just emailed it to our history teacher, who is going to set up a link to your school tomorrow.
2) Do you think you'll manage to involve some other students among those who took part in the school trip to Rome?
One student included very rude things. 3) I, therefore believe shouldn't be involved in the email exchange programme.
4) By the way, our group consists of only six male students whereas the remaining are female (21). If you can't find any more students, we can start with the ones who have emailed so far.

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    One student included very rude things, and therefore I believe he shouldn't be involved in the email exchange programme.

    By the way, only six of the students in our group are young men; the other 21 students are young women.

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